Rabbie Burns' Cottage

Rabbie Burns’ Cottage

The Saskatoon Highland Dancing Association was formed in 1954 and exists to promote the art of Highland Dancing and the Scottish culture of its origin. The SHDA brings a wee bit of Scotland to Saskatoon and area through performances, workshops, competitions, and family events. We also host the Scottish Pavilion at Folkfest, Saskatoon’s terrific multicultural festival held each year in mid-August.


What does SHDA do for your dancer?

The SHDA organizes and runs all the dance competitions in the city with the support and knowledge of our dance teachers. These dance competitions provide the dancers with wonderful opportunities to showcase their skills as well as advance in the highland dance world. Without these local dance competitions our dancers would have to travel for ALL their competitions. These competitions cost our organization approximately $4000 per competition. Where do these funds come from you ask? Well, that is where our hard work during Folkfest pays off. Folkfest is our one and only fund raiser. It is through the dedication and time put into this once-a-year event that we raise the funds needed to put on our 3 annual competitions. What other advantages come from your hard work at Folkfest? The workshops are heavily subsidized, the Spring Tune-Up, Provincial Representation sponsorship AND the dancer subsidy.

This year we have decided to offer every dancer, whose family is in good standing, $100 each to be paid out after Folkfest 2016. The money can be put towards any costs incurred by the dancer that relate to costumes, travel, competition and workshop fees. You must submit receipts with your subsidy forms so remember to save them. This year’s $100 subsidy will include the dates September 30th, 2015 to August 31, 2016.  Again, I repeat keep those receipts from these dates.

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