Muriel Boyle Memorial Awards

Muriel Boyle: Highland Dancer, Teacher, Judge, and benefactor

Since 2004, the SHDA has been proud to offer three Muriel Boyle Memorial Awards annually. Muriel was a dancer, teacher, and judge who loved highland dancing. This passion for dancing is evident in her generous donation to the Saskatoon Highland Dancing Association following her passing in 2003.

Dancers of SHDA are encouraged to apply for one of the yearly scholarships awarded to one of each of pre-premier, junior premier and senior premier dancer. A dancer may apply each year, but only be awarded the scholarship not more than once every three years.

A complete application form may be downloaded. Date for submission each year is January 15th.



All aspects of highland dancing form the basis for evaluating applications for the award:

  • Competitive participation
  • Recreational/Performance participation
  • Character
  • Knowledge of and Learning about Scottish Culture and Highland Dancing
  • Setting and Achievement of goals

Download the Muriel Boyle Memorial Awards application form.

Muriel Boyle Award Recipients

  Pre-Premier Junior Premier Senior Premier
2024 Brynn B. Zoe K. Not Awarded
2023 Shea B. Morgan L. Not Awarded
2022 Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded
2021 Not Awarded Caoimhe M. Laura W.
2020 Anna S. Jessie W. Katie F.
2019 Mary W. Caedence S. Jacqueline M.
2018 Whitney E. Heidi I. Katie W.
2017 Jacklyn C. Halle I. Not Awarded
2016 Caoimhe M. Katie F. Alexandra S.
2015 Olivia F. Emma F. Rachel S.
2014 Callie W. Not Awarded Heather H.
2013 Brigid O. Chloe R. Marin M.
2012 Payton T. Not Awarded Brooke H.
2011 Adrienne N. Alexandrina G. Erika S.
2010 Katie T. Katie W. Not Awarded
2009 Marin M.  Shonah R.  Bradie A.
2008 Chloe R. Heather H. Kenzie G.
2007 Kayleigh B. Eryn M. Carolyn D.
2006 Not Awarded Natasha R. Katlin M.
 2005  Rany H.  Brooklyn T.  Rachelle S.


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